Complete due diligence within an hour, not days

Betterfront helps institutional investors complete the due diligence of private equity fund investments 10x faster by automating the analyses of fund managers’ track records.


Investment technology of today

Designed to empower active investment professionals, Betterfront' software reduces the quantitative due diligence process from 6 days to less than 2 hours. Upload your data and Betterfront automatically runs all your analytics. Complete your findings before exporting the Betterfront due diligence report in PDF for LP/GP meetings or internal team discussion.

Traditional Excel sheet: 6 days
Betterfront: 2 hours

Get the full picture, within a few minutes

Fast investment analytics

Upload your data and visualise all your investment analytics in minutes. 10x faster than any current solutions, Betterfront’s proprietary library of analytics includes all relevant metrics you need to analyse fund managers's track record. Need more? Use our slice-and-dice tool to create your own analytics.

Export or share your work

Export your Betterfront due diligence report in PDF. Alternatively, share your due diligence findings directly within Betterfront. Use our mobile app for on-the-go access - practical for external GP/LP meetings.

Keep track of all your deals

Quickly create and assign deals within your team. Easily move deals through the stages of the due diligence process. Monitor and manage your pipeline in real time to progress faster towards a new investment.

Know where work stands

Create tasks, coordinate projects with your team and keep due diligence on track. Get a complete view of work and make every due diligence a success.

A proprietary and growing
library of analytics

Betterfront includes 40+ standard analytics applicable across buyout, growth, venture and crypto fund investments.

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40+ standard analytics

Standard analytics cover performance, investment strategy, benchmarks, exposure, financials, team attribution and many more categories.

Uncover insights

Each GP has a unique story which lies more in its own track record than its LP presentation. Betterfront's analytics allow you to uncover every GPs' story and understand how they repeatedly generate performance.

Create your own analytics

As each investor is different, Betterfront offers the opportunity to create your own customised analytics via a simple slice-and-dice tool.

Build your own database

As you build up your own track record database on Betterfront, leverage it with customised analytics and generate your own industry-wide insights.


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  • All standard analytics
  • Customer benchmarks
  • Pipeline management
  • Standard support


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  • All standard analytics
  • Customer benchmarks
  • Pipeline management
  • Priority support
  • Task management & collaboration
  • Create your own analytics
  • CRM integration
  • External market data & benchmarks
  • Exclusive customized analytics

Meet our team

Betterfront is led by a team of seasoned investment professionals, technologists and passionate product designers.

CEO & co-founder

Michel Geolier

CEO & co-founder

Michel oversees product and business strategy as well as customer success at Betterfront. Previously, Michel led due diligence and fund managers selection for the Siemens' pension fund. He started Betterfront out of his frustration of poor investment analytic solutions for institutional investors.

CPO & co-founder

Pung Worathiti Manosroi

CPO & co-founder

Pung leads product and design at Betterfront. He is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on consumer products with superior user experience. Pung founded 3 companies, including Combyne, where he led technology & product and grew the company to 3 million users globally.

CTO & co-founder

Sergi Case

CTO & co-founder

Sergi is responsible for technology and product development at Betterfront. He is a senior software developer with more than 10 years of programming experience in gaming, consumer and enterprise software. He worked across teams and developed products for major companies such as BMW and E.ON.

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